Étoiles distantes

7 artistes, 5 lieux en région

Clémence de Montgolfier, François Dufeil, Julie Bonnaud & Fabien Leplae, Aurélie Ferruel & Florentine Guédon, Flora Bouteille

/ 121521

Étoiles distantes, route of exhibitions and events designed and initiated by the Frac des Pays de le Loire with the complicity of partners in the Region.

With its new Nantes site, the Frac continues its essential missions of clearing up artistic scenes, supporting creation and building up a network of territories. To inaugurate this place, the Frac is setting up a new project around emergence.

For the first edition of a project that the Frac wishes to renew every two years, the desire is to involve partner locations in the region. A course designed at the scale of the territory in order to offer the public a panorama of young creation. From the jury’s preselection, each associated structure invited an artist of its choice.

Les Moulins de Paillard in Poncé-sur-le-Loir: Clémence de Montgolfier, Salle Martel in Challans: Julie Bonnaud and Fabien Leplae, Gallery 5 in Angers: François Dufeil. The MAT in Montrelais invites Aurélie Ferruel & Florentine Guédon.

This project is set up this year with the collaboration for the pre-selection of files, of two teachers from the École des beaux-arts de Nantes Saint-Nazaire (Michel Aubry, artist and Marion Daniel, art critic), two teachers from TALM Angers (Vanessa Theodoropoulou, art critic and Jacqui Riva, artist), Franck Balland (curator and independent art critic), and for the Frac, Laurence Gateau, Director and Vanina Andréani responsible of the Collection-Exhibition Pole. Romain Bobichon, Kim Farkas, Camille Juthier, Aurélie Ferruel and Florentine Guédon & Camille Dumond were thus selected by the jury for the Frac exhibition in Nantes with an echo in Carquefou. Flora Bouteille is invited in this context to perform a scheduled performance at the Lieu Unique.