Frac des Pays de la Loire 21e Ateliers Internationaux 2008
Frac des Pays de la Loire "Kagu Mobilier Japonais" 1984

A preventive conservation approach based on risk prevention, are implemented for these works…

This vast collection, with its array of diverse and specific mediums, is conserved in dedicated storage facilities, one of which is located at the Frac’s main site in Carquefou.

A policy of preventive conservation has been implemented since 2000 in anticipation of the problems and risks involved in transporting the collections and to minimise the effects of ageing on the actual materials of the artworks.

More than 250 different materials have been recorded across the whole collection. This is because 20th-century artists have used a much broader range of materials. This multifarious inventory brings together a diverse wealth of mediums and objects, many of which are derived from industry and used in their original form or have been modified, thereby posing the daily challenge of how to curb any changes or deterioration in the pieces.