Frac des Pays de la Loire 21e Ateliers Internationaux 2008

The Frac, unlike museums or art centres, cannot be pinned down to a single exhibition venue. Its collection and exhibitions are intrinsically nomadic – cultural assets that travel.

The ‘Hors les Murs’ (off-site) programme of the Frac des Pays de la Loire is organised across all five regional départements with specific projects designed and tailored to each particular situation and context. Thanks to its ever-evolving networking at regional level, the Frac is a key contact for many cultural players in the public sphere, as well as for local authorities seeking to develop a cultural offering in the area of contemporary art. All of the Frac team bring their expertise to each project, guiding the other parties through its design, definition and implementation. The Frac’s extensive collection now makes it possible to devise a very wide range of theme-based projects at regional level. Artists are also called upon to be present in certain projects, thereby involving them in the design of an exhibition or residency, outreach or hands-on project with target audiences (schools in particular).