Claas Architectes (Nantes)

Since May 28th, 2021

The establishment of the Frac in Nantes, with regular and lasting activities, aims to fully fulfill our desire for the democratization of art and therefore to fulfill our mission of raising awareness among a large public.

Since 2007, the Frac des Pays de la Loire has anchored its presence on the island of Nantes, on the site of the old shipyards, with vast temporary exhibitions allowing a very large public to meet the work of internationally renowned artists (gina pane; Jean-Michel Sanejouand, Thomas Huber), to take advantage of vast thematic sets (Rouge Baiser, Design in, Opening for inventory), to participate in artistic projects (Whatever you do, do something else) and to (re) discover the Frac collection under the ever-changing gaze of curators and artists (Bruno Peinado, Joe Scanlan, Josephine Meckseper …). These exhibitions, attracting nearly 15,000 visitors each year, have enabled the collection to gain unprecedented influence, richer and more varied partnerships throughout the territory and today foreshadow the establishment of the Frac in Nantes, quai des Antilles. , with the opening of a new space planned for the beginning of 2021.

In Nantes, the Frac consolidates a closer network with artists and wishes to be a springboard. It attracts professionals from the art world, art critics, exhibition curators, it consolidates its national and international networks, it creates cross-links between the visual arts and the performing arts, it leads a policy of exchanges and complementarity while asserting its specificity and originality.

This new venue for contemporary art will be conducive to continuing the artistic and cultural program of the Frac, open to emerging artists and internationally renowned creators, to give carte blanche to artists or independent curators to present contemporary works. , including those from the Frac collection, and to present the work produced in Carquefou by the artists in residence within our International Workshops. In this space, we are planning a program of 3 to 4 annual exhibitions. In connection with the exhibitions, small events will regularly liven up the place. They will open the field of visual arts to other forms of creation: dance, music, theater, poetry …

In Carquefou, the exhibition program will be focused on the collection and will favor a new look at it, taking into account the work of reflection and research around the curator, art criticism, conservation and Restoration.

Design :
Claas Architectes (Nantes)

Funding :
Région des Pays de la Loire et État