Rions noir

Irma Kalt

/ 062621

For this exhibition at Derval, the artist invites visitors to discover black and white pieces whose repertoire of shapes resonates with the typographic characters, the slashes of the letters of the exhibition title Rions noir.

With this palindromic title, which can be read in both directions, she plays with echoes between surfaces, between empty and full, stripes and solid, and creates a visual dynamism.

In response to the media library space where the exhibition hall is located, Irma Kalt presents three books, created and edited with her father, Charles Kalt, also an artist. In this generous and precious triptych, the geometric shapes of one interact with the colors of the other, the lines are agitated, the nuances fill the space of the page like so many stories.

Artist of the line, its variations, the pattern and their staging, Irma Kalt multiplies the combinations to change the forms. A long settling process allows him to frame, zoom in, zoom out, modify the original scales, instill movement, in a perpetual back and forth between drawing, painting, printing on paper or fabric.

This exhibition concludes a territorial project carried out in the community of communes Chateaubriant-Derval, in partnership with the Frac des Pays de la Loire.

Y es-tu, Irma Kalt et Laura Orlhiac, parcours d’art, galerie 29 and rue de Couéré, Châteaubriant

parcours EAC Traces et Ombres, in 6 schools of Châteaubriant-Derval