After Monet

Works of the Frac collection

/ 022022

Accompanied by the MAT and Frac teams, a group of volunteers from the municipalities of Ancenis and Montrelais is invited to become a curator: set up an exhibition, choose works from the Frac collection, think about their relationship to space, address issues relating to mediation, communication, …

The curators of this double exhibition are members and volunteers of the MAT but also teachers, middle school and high school students from the Pays d’Ancenis.

How are the issues specific to painting, in particular the relationship to light and color, re-examined by artists today?

Two works were chosen to be the starting point: Spencer Finch, I’am trying to paint air (after Claude Monet) and Ann Veronica Janssens, Orange, Sea blue. With regard to these 2 works, the group is led to select, from a large list of works established by the MAT and the Frac, works in the Frac collection, on the question of painting, through the notions of color and light.

From September 2021 to February 2022, several preparation sessions are offered: presentations of the MAT, the Frac and the project, visit of the reserves, discovery and presentation of the list of preselected works, discussions, creation of an exhibition plan, meeting with the managers, reflection on mediation and development of communication, editing, …

After Monet is a participatory exhibition project on the initiative of the MAT – Center for Contemporary Art of the Pays d’Ancenis, in partnership with the Frac des Pays de la Loire.