Situation idéale

XXXIVe International Workshops of the Frac des Pays de la Loire
Fall-Winter 2023
Upcoming dates

In 2023, the Frac invites the French curator living in New York Mathilde Walker-Billaud to bring together five artists for a new edition of the Ateliers Internationaux.

Situation idéale. Terre – Artiste – Ciel, a 1969 photograph in which gina pane poses standing between sky and earth, hands in her pockets, looking straight ahead, is a starting point for a more general reflection on the figure of the artist and her position. in the environment. Inspired by the Frac collection, where the Italian-French artist holds a special place (and in particular her first outdoor actions), this research and residency project explores the body as a junction point between worlds, while pushing the limits of its materiality and subjectivity.

With the contribution of guest artists, Mathilde Walker-Billaud reactivates the poetic and political significance of gina pane’s external actions in the present. By rethinking the legacy of body art in light of environmental art and intersectional feminism, this project questions the place of female artists like gina pane in a growing contemporary art narrative.

A new episode of this project will be imagined in 2024 in North America.