Makiko Furuichi

/ 012021

Makiko Furuichi intervenes at the Lycée Jules Verne, with a class of Terminale. In collaboration with the professor of visual arts, she proposes the project “(S ‘) to invest”. The universe of Makiko Furuichi allows students to approach the question of representation (the processes of representation, processes, codes). Through materials such as colored and hardening plasticine or paper, the artist introduces students to the manipulation of colors, random mixtures, the development of signs, kinds of identity patterns and then the making of kimonos. of paper: sculptures to cut, crumple, fold, openwork, then to try on and wear. A way of investing body and soul in the work and then imagining how these paper installations will take place in the high school space.

This project also aims to introduce students to works of contemporary art by meeting the artist who will present his artistic approach, by visiting his workshop but also by discovering the Frac, its missions and visiting the he inaugural exhibition of the new FRAC site on the Ile de Nantes in April 2021.