Photographies végétales

Corentine Le Mestre

/ 042022

For this project in the schools of Châteaubriant-Derval, the artist Corentine Le Mestre proposes, over several sessions, a photographic workshop that invites students to observe their territory and to seize the landscapes that make it up.

Corentine Le Mestre practices field photography, where images are revealed in the course of an encounter, are transformed according to the spaces or are exposed alongside a story. The image is no longer just a landscape, a nature circumscribed, cut out or framed, but the fragment of a larger ecosystem where the relations of the living have their importance. Corentine Le Mestre’s work is crossed by photographic, video and performance forms.

Using natural techniques of image revelation, where the sap of a plant can be used as a photosensitive emulsion, the students are immersed in an environment that is both scientific and poetic: imaginary species, fantasized herbarium… what collection can be invented? what stories can be woven around these plants?

Project organized by the Community of Communes of Châteaubriant – Derval in partnership with the Frac des Pays de la Loire.