Ronan Lecrosnier

/ 031423

Within the framework of the departmental project Expressions Numériques initiated by the Direction Diocésaine de l’Enseignement Catholique 44, the Frac is coordinating a workshop with the visual artist Ronan Lecrosnier with the students of the IME (Medical Educational Institute) of La Fleuriaye.

Ronan Lecrosnier uses 3D printing to imagine a world between real and virtual. Through a succession of points of view, he takes a look at reality and its virtual double. He plays on the gaps, the errors, the inaccuracies that exist between the two. To represent the world is already to interpret it, to accept the randomness and to observe the metamorphoses!

Through the discovery and use of different 3D modeling processes (pens, photogrammetry, 3D printer, etc.), students are introduced to 3D printing, its unforeseen events and errors, in order to create works at the border between reality and fiction. Through a succession of gestures and experiments, the model is transformed and hybridized.

The artist and the Frac also intervene in 11 classes registered in the project for a presentation of works from the collection in connection with the theme Metamorphoses.