What Happens With a Dead Fish?

Curator : Claire Staebler

Lina Lapelytè

Now !
19.11.22 / 19.02.23

For her solo show at the Frac des Pays de la Loire in Nantes, Lina Lapelytè presents a new version of her video installation What happens with a Dead Fish?

This new proposal multichannel video installation recreates a work originally created as a musical performance with a choir of amateur singers in an open-air swimming pool. Music, choreography and libretto composed by the artist invite for an intimate and poetic meditation on the present, cycles of life or even ecology – recurring themes in the work of Lina Lapelytè.
Through a device specially designed for the Frac in dialogue with its architecture and its immediate context – water, image and ceramic objects converge and invite the viewer to an immersive experience.
This video installation was previously presented as part of the Kaunas Biennale (Lithuania), and the performance was originally commissioned by Kunstenfestivaldesarts commission in Brussels (2021).