Étoiles distantes

Le passé est un autre pays

Clémence de Montgolfier

/ 081521

Étoiles distantes, exhibitions and events route designed and initiated by the Frac des Pays de le Loire with the complicity of partners in the Region.

Resolutely protean, Clémence de Montgolfier’s practice is characterized by its relational dimension, inviting the
audience to take part in various experiments. Since 2010, she has been at the initiative with the American artist Niki Korth of the work-program The Big Conversation Space, which is embodied in so many games, events, discussions and publications questioning the authority of public speech.

Also a researcher, she recently published the book Quand l’art contemporain passe à la télévision. Représentations de 1959 à nos jours (Hermann, 2020), where his thoughts on the media are developed.