The gesture in art

Alice Gautier

/ 022021

How to understand the relation to the other, the collective production through the gesture? Beyond the barrier gesture, how does the health protocol influence our relationship to others? Through workshops around the body and movement, but also the image, it will be a question of putting at the heart of the pupil’s thought the history of the artistic gesture and of the gesture in art. Alice Gautier will offer, with the help of the Frac, to the students of the First Specialty in Plastic Arts at Gabriel Guist’hau high school a practical, plastic and creative dive into the world of interdisciplinarity between dance and plastic arts, image and movement.

This workshop is a module of the Frac L’ART EN VALISE system, which each year offers high schools and CFA schools the opportunity to unite around a theme. In 2019/2021, the “exhibit” theme is available through exhibitions, boxes and workshops with artists. L’ ART EN VALISE allows students to meet the works, the artists and an approach to the professions of contemporary art. A project that is part of the Loire educational action Discovering the Frac, implemented jointly by the Region and the Rectorate.

Chosen by the Frac in line with the theme and the curriculum of the students, the artists intervene in class. They introduce students to a specific practice and immerse them in the heart of the creative process. Interventions can range from the meeting between the artist and the students to the practice and creation workshop.