Il faut que tu revoies ta copie

Michaela Sanson-Braun and works from the Frac collection :
Natacha Lesueur, Emmanuelle Lainé, Gabriel Orozco, Jonathan Monk, Delphine Coindet, Valérie Jouve

/ 052922
Opening on April 1st 2022

For this exhibition project in the space of the Legault workshop, Michaela Sanson-Braun imagines a monumental and immersive installation that occupies the space, from floor to ceiling.

Concerned about her place in a History of Art that is both inspiring and intimidating, Michaela Sanson-Braun revisits architectural and pictorial forms by drawing her references from the great masters as much as from a popular culture of art, design or Video games.

Blurring the boundaries between painting, sculpture and plinth, a suspended and overturned kitchen serves as habitat for a series of works made by the artist or borrowed from the collection of the Frac des Pays de la Loire. A total, disproportionate and abundant universe, the exhibition questions the notions of original and copy, quotation and homage, in a continuous mise en abyme of the work. Full of humour, the work of Michaela Sanson-Braun is as referenced and scholarly as it is playful and accessible to all.

In parallel with a guided tour of the exhibition, the students are experienced in handling and experimenting with materials and images, for a dive into the heart of the works and a joyful mix of genres.