Étoiles distantes

Flora Bouteille

Date to come

Étoiles distantes, exhibitions and events route designed and initiated by the Frac des Pays de le Loire with the complicity of partners in the Region.

Flora Bouteille belongs to a young generation of artists for whom the practice of performance, designed for immersive and multimedia environments, makes it possible to highlight certain social situations. Nourished by abundant theoretical sources drawn from the so-called human sciences, for several years she has turned to contemporary art, which she observes as an object in itself. She thus attempts to identify its systemic functioning as well as its potential efficiency outside its exhibition space, through staging regularly involving the participation of the public.

In addition to a performance specifically designed for the Lieu Unique, Flora Bouteille installs a mechanical sculpture in the exhibition, evoking a pump, a sort of content extractor imitating the position of the public in search of meaning.