Crossed spaces

Claire Chevrier

/ 052921

Since the 1980s, the La Roche-sur-Yon museum has been working to promote contemporary photography. It is in this dynamic that he invites the artist Claire Chevrier for a monographic exhibition. Entitled Crossed spaces, the exhibition reports on a research work carried out by the artist since the 2000s, around space: spaces of megalopolises, urban spaces, work spaces. In 2005, she tackled the question of the body in the workspace, how it evolves there but also behaves with the tools it uses. This research allows her to enter specialized establishments for assistance through work (ESAT) or training centers and leads her to question the environment of places linked to disability. Spaces traversed is the sum of the work carried out in this last framework.

Claire Chevrier was born in 1963, she lives and works in Paris and Mayet. After obtaining her DNSEP at the Beaux Arts in Grenoble in 1987, she devoted herself to largely photographic research that questions space and the place of man. She was a resident of the Villa Medici in Rome in 2007-2008.

The exhibition accompanies the publication of the Espaces traversés (Crossed spaces) edition. Accompanied by the tutelary figure represented by the Clinique de La Borde in Cheverny that Jean Oury founded and where Félix Guattari worked for ten years, Claire Chevrier immersed herself in several structures, institutional or associative, to photograph the spaces where the disabled and caregivers live, move or work.

The book of photographs is accompanied by texts by philosopher and psychoanalyst Fabrice Bourlez, art critic Audrey Illouz.