To you two

Works from the Frac des Pays de la Loire collection

John Tremblay, Thomas Huber, Christian Hidaka

/ 073022

The Contemporary Art Center le Kiosque offers a number of municipalities in Mayenne Communauté to host a work from the Frac des Pays de la Loire collection in their wedding hall. An emblematic place in the life of a city, these rooms crystallize time, condense emotions, time is suspended there.

The spirits escape, with contented joy. Waiting for the kiss, let the eyes travel, here and there. From this suspended time, free and happy spirits will be hooked by a few paintings from a collection, that of the Regional Contemporary Art Fund.

A moment of infusion for this rich collection of 1,800 works, with an attraction for its painting background, for this meeting in the Loire region. This treasure of 450 works is famous for its vigor, its richness of form and subject. Painted walls, free canvases or even painted objects, your heart and mind will be mischief for an eye contact, so “To you two!” “.

Mathias Courtet