Voir la feuille à l’envers

Coline Cuni

/ 030222

The exhibition Voir la feuille à l’envers (“Seeing the leaf upside down”) suggests that we change our point of view, to lie on our backs and observe the other side of a tree’s leaves.

Against the habits of conservation of works of art, Coline Cuni proposes here a series of performative objects inspired by torches and doomed to destruction, to fall, to collapse or to wear. She uses volume as an expression: her practice unfolds between sculpture, installation, object and performance.

A place, a text, an architecture, the starting points of her works are multiple. The artist explores craft and construction techniques using raw clay, wood and plants. She questions the materials: their weight, their transparency, their color, their resonance… as well as the contexts of creation and reception of her work.