Simultaneous film projection

Théo Casciani & Lou Rambert Preiss

09092022 20:30

The film VERSION by Théo Casciani and Lou Rambert Preiss will be broadcast simultaneously on Friday September 9 at 8:30 p.m. in places of varying types (institutions, private spaces, galleries, bookstores, etc.) in France and abroad, in particular at the Center Pompidou (Paris) and at the Mucem (Marseille) but also at the Frac in Nantes!

VERSION is a film populated by avatars, look-alikes, holograms and ghosts. This medium-length science fiction film brings together different mediums and represents one of the chapters of the book. Between doublings and body exits, the characters in this chapter meet, get lost and then find themselves in urban or virtual territories to fight over memory and imagine the future of a vanished identity.