Story Telling

Stefan Altenburger, Armen Eloyan, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Benoit Platéus, Florian & Michaël Quistrebert, Sam Samore.
Works of the Frac des Pays de la Loire collection.

/ 021023
Opening on January 10th, 4pm

The Frac des Pays de la Loire offers high schools (general, vocational or agricultural education) and CFA (training centers for apprentices) in the region the opportunity to unite within the thematic device Art en valise.

This system offers teachers of all disciplines and students an immersion in contemporary art, through sensitive encounters with works from the Frac collection and artists, within their establishment and in the art venues of the region.

The exhibitions presented in the high schools and CFA of the region are open to the public and to external establishments. They can be the subject of liaison projects between schools, colleges and high schools. This opening allows all the surrounding establishments to consider visits and to exploit the theme in class.

In 2022-2023, the chosen theme is: “stories”.

The works of the Frac des Pays de la Loire collection, gathered around this notion of “stories”, draw their inspiration from personal or collective mythologies, from tales and legends reported by literature, cinema, comics or the video game.

Project initiated and developed in partnership with Ms. Manon Palier, visual arts teacher.

Exhibition presented in the gallery of the high school registered in the network of galleries for educational purposes InSitu.