Let’s look each other in the eye

Jean-Luc Blanc, Corentin Canesson, Isabel Formosa, Trixi Groiss, Christine Laquet, Marie Lund, Ad Minoliti
works of the Frac des Pays de la Loire collection

and a book by Bruno Munari

/ 011321

Masked faces, insistent or elusive glances, closed eyes or on the contrary, which do not want to close… The works chosen for this exhibition form a set of strange portraits. The exhibition takes its title from a work by Italian artist, author and designer Bruno Munari. Left for consultation and manipulation, the book is a set of colored cardboard sheets, where black ink lines and three holes are enough to draw a mask. Colors and geometric, wavy, repetitive, sinuous, rigid lines express different emotions and intentions. The artist invites us to wear them, to experience the gaze. Through these colored papers, the viewer is hidden as much as he reveals himself.

Let’s look each other in the eye.
We’re all different.
(…) if we see through the eyes of another person, we understand each other better.
The animals look each other in the eyes.
Apart from moles

This exhibition is produced as part of the actions of the Frac in the direction of the Loire-atlantique colleges. The partnership with the Auguste Mailloux college is carried out with Madame Hélène Quéré, professor of visual arts, and involves her students in setting up the exhibition and in mediating around the works.
The exhibition is traveling to another college in the department in 2020/2021. It is open to schools located in the surrounding area.