Boxed sets of video works

Works from the Frac des Pays de la Loire collection

/ 062022

Each year, the Frac broadcasts video works from its collection throughout the region via a boxed set to borrow.

The video is rich in questioning the image, the medium, and brings up various themes. For example, these boxes invite us to question the self-portrait in the ironic and absurd universe of Pierrick Sorin; to approach the gesture and the metamorphosis in the performance of David de Tscharner or to operate connections between contemporary art and dance in a film of Boris Achour.

Four sets of video works are available to schools, colleges and high schools:

→ Halil Altindere, Ballerinas and Police, 2017

→ Anna Gaskell, Erasers, 2005

David de Tscharner, Faces, 2014

→ Fischli and Weiss, Le cours des choses, 1985 – 1987