European Heritage Days


It is by re-examining practices, lessons learned from traditions, the continuity of know-how, that heritage stakeholders (historical monuments, archaeological sites, museums, etc.) prepare the heritage of tomorrow for a more sustainable future.

  • 3 p.m. (1 hour) > Meeting with Thierry Boisgard from the Laboratory for the restoration and preparation of collections at the Nantes Natural History Museum and Béatrice Guilloux-Tessier, conservator-restorer at the Frac des Pays de la Loire.

For these 39th European Heritage Days, whose theme is “Sustainable Heritage”, the Frac invites you to discover the profession of conservator/restorer of works of art, in connection with a recent restoration: the installation by Jean-Luc Parant The balls are projected where the birds fly away. This focus on the work of Jean-Luc Parant will also be an opportunity to pay him a special tribute, the artist having left us a few weeks ago. Free registration : [email protected] 

  • 3 p.m. (1 hour) > Visit for children (from 6 years old).

Discover the works from the Frac collection in the Trilogy of Ashes exhibition: glass swings, sugar houses, hanging ropes, the artists use all kinds of materials! Accompanied by a mediator, you will learn the secrets of the works and the techniques for preserving and repairing them. Free registration : [email protected] 

  • From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. > Virtual dive into the collection’s reserves.

Each year, the European Heritage Days are also an opportunity to open the doors to the reserves of the collection of works. This year, this dive behind the scenes of our activity will be done through a brand new, immersive and interactive tool available continuously all afternoon at the Frac reception! When heritage meets new technologies to make it more sustainable!

  • From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. > Performance by Karim Rafi, What the birds say

What the birds say is an “electroacoustic sound opera performance” constructed as a dialogue between two characters, played by one and the same person, and the birds singing at our windows. The piece winks at Ruggero Leoncavallo’s opera (Pagliacci) with a reversal effect. Here, the goal of the game is not a reconciliation of fiction and reality but the interweaving and the fog between roles, postures… Free registration : [email protected]