Claire Chevrier, Boris Achour, Raymond Hains, Valérie Jouve, Régis Perray, Martha Rosler

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Opening on January 12, 6:30pm

The Claude Cahun Center creates a dialogue between Claire Chevrier’s photographs and those of the Frac Pays de la Loire collection.

“For several years, the recurring themes in my work have been linked to memory, responsibility, power… The body and space, places and traces are the motifs. My images question the world with, in watermark, like a thin thread the representation of a latent violence contained in a multitude of singular realities.” Claire Chevrier

Four works by Claire Chevrier are part of the Frac collection. In this exhibition, they resonate deeply with those of Valérie Jouve, Martha Rosler, Raymond Hains, Régis Perray or Boris Achour, also on loan from the Frac. The works of these artists arranged in the Atelier journey through photography by playing with masses, materials and installations to offer depth to our story of the world.