Along the wandering

Olga Boldyreff

/ 112822

On the initiative of the media library of Thouaré-sur-Loire and the Frac Pays de la Loire, the artist Olga Boldyreff takes over the window of the hall of the Espace la Morvandière to present there from November 14 to 28, 2022, a collection of works, some of which are part of the Frac Pays de la Loire collection.

This original project produced a few black and white photographs from the series Les petits abandonments (1993-1994), mural drawings displayed on the wall and in their colored boxes (1997-2001), an installation on the ground of knitted balls The Nomads (1996-2004), painted and embroidered canvases from the Empty Rooms series (1997-2009)… The exhibition will be augmented by a presentation of artist’s books and catalogs in the media library. Olga Boldyreff likes to recall how much text and textile are inseparable, interchangeable, especially if we consider their etymology, “textus”, which designates both.