Works from the Frac des Pays de la Loire collection and artists' editions

Hans-Peter Feldmann, Mikhail Karikis, Rosario Lopez, Sarkis, Song Dong, Neal Beggs, Steve Bowkett, Claude Closky, Nicolas Moulin, Bruno Munari, Le Gentil Garçon, Nicolas Simarik, Kendra Wilson et Sam Pyasena.

/ 112721
Opening on October 22, 2021

By joining forces, the Frac and the TWO POINTS association have developed a tailor-made project for Le Pavillon and the audiences it receives. Drawings, photographs, videos and books gathered around a common reflection: How can art modify, even transform ephemeral urban territories and landscapes?

This exhibition entitled MUST SEE # 2 offers a variety of artistic mediums, whether it is multiples (as for Rosario Lopez) or works made from photocopies. Indeed, if Hans-Peter Feldmann is very interested in objects and language, he is above all a fabulous brewer of images, whether he creates them himself or collects them, whether he presents them. in the form of books or frames, postcards or photocopies as here with Montagnes.

The artists’ books gathered around these works – those by Claude Closky, Le Gentil Garçon and Nicolas Simarik – offer other poetic and imaginary perspectives on the theme of the exhibition: an invitation to travel for all, especially the youngest. with the works of Bruno Munari Dans le brouillard de Milan, Steve Bowkett, Kendra Wilson and Sam Pyasena with the Cahiers d’Architecture et de Jardin!