Whatever you do, do something else.

from February 6 to April 17, 2016
Hab Gallery, Nantes

exhibition held by the Frac of the Pays de la Loire

Michel Aubry, Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin, Claude Closky, François Curlet, Julien Discrit, Florence Doléac, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Raphaêl Ilias & Florian Tositti, Jiri Kovanda, Donna Kukama, Julien Nédélec, Bruno Peinado, Claude Rutault, Charlie Youle & Bevis Martin, Ian Wilson


Etel Adnan, Robert Barry, Mel Bochner, Louise Bourgeois, Joan Brossa, Boris Charmatz, Claire Fontaine, Meg Cranston, Tacita Dean, Tracey Emin, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Yona Friedman, Simryn Gill, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Dan Graham, Marie-Ange Guilleminot, Shilpa Gupta, Anna Halprin, Mona Hatoum, Jonathan Horowitz, Joan Jonas, Stephen Kaltenbach, Mike Kelley, Alison Knowles, Aaron Koblin, Koo Jeong-A, Sol LeWitt, Xavier Le Roy, David Lynch, Cildo Meireles, Yoko Ono, Philippe Parreno, Amalia Pica, Raqs media collective, David Reed, Hassan Sharif, Jim Shaw, Agnès Varda, Hannah Weinberger, Emmett Williams.  

Hab Galerie

Quai des Antilles
44200 Nantes 

free entrance

opening hours :

from Wednesday to Friday from 2 till 6 pm
Week-end from 2 till 7 pm

The Frac of the Pays de la Loire presents an exhibition that gathers more than fifty art-works based on the principle of instruction, game or protocol to activate. In this context, DO IT project by Hans Ulrich Obrist resonates with a selection of art-works from public and private collections.

DO IT started in Paris in 1993 as a conversation between Hans Ulrich Obrist and the artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier. They wondered what would happen if they proposed a form of exhibition that could beget new versions of itself, each time it is held. They invited artists to put together partitions, instructions or manuals to interpret through exhibitions.

In 1995, the Frac held in Nantes one of the first DO IT exhibitions. 21 years later in the Hab Galerie, it's in a new context, with a wider catalogue that the project replays. Historic art-works are on the agenda (those of Mel Bochner, Cildo Meireles and Robert Morris), choreographer instrucions (Anna Halprin, Boris Charmatz and Xavier Leroy), of filmmakers (David Lynch, Agnès Varda)...

Alongside this project, the Frac presents art-works from its collection: a big set of Claude Rutault, AMZ made of 100 canvasses placed according to a detailed partition. The Frac Lorraine, the IAC in Villeurbanne, the Mudam in Luxembourg, the Jousse Entreprise gallery and artists were solicited for art-works loans in order to attune DO IT with a greater artistic community.

The public is invited to participate: games, performances to replay, cooking recipes, objects and stories production studios, the chosen protocols use different procedures to perform on site, at home or in the public space.

QUOI QUE TU FASSES, FAIS AUTRE CHOSE, curated by of Vanina Andréani, includes DO IT.

DO IT is a travelling exhibition designed by Hans Ulrich Obrist and organized by the Independent Curators International (ICI, New York). The exhibition and its following publication were made possible partially through subsidies from the Elizabeth Firestone Graham foundation, the Robert Sterling Clark foundation, and thanks to the generous support of the Porject Perpetual as well as the International Forum and the board of directors of the ICI.

This exhibition has recieved the exceptional support of the Pays de la Loire Region.

This exhibition is designed and organised by the Frac of the Pays de la Loire, over invitation of SPL Le Voyage à Nantes, as part of the public services delagation concluded with Nantes Métropole.

The Frac of the Pays de la Loire is co-funded by the State and the Pays de la Loire region, and supported by the Loire-Atlantique Department.